Saturday, February 9, 2008

From the Attic

Last weekend I went up to New Jersey to help my mom and my brother clean out the attic. We found a whole bunch of boxes with stuff all four of us Miller kids had made in school from nursery school on. I pulled a couple of nuggets out and scanned two of them for the blog.

This was from kindergarten and it must have been my ideal zoo. Animals, dogs, dinosaurs, and even Care Bears in the clouds.

I don't know what the gold star was for. Dimetrodon lived about 100 million years before Apatosaurus and was much smaller. Just another example of the sliding science standards in our education system, although this was while I was in Catholic school so I give myself credit for not having them being ridden by Adam and Eve.


Anonymous said...

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wheatgrind said...

These bring back a lot of good memories.